Our Story

At Selwyn’s our pioneering spirit has been leading us to great discoveries for over 50 years. Since our grandfather Selwyn Jones started selling his seafood throughout the South Wales Valleys all those years ago, we haven’t looked back.

Selwyn’s is based on the beautiful shores of the Gower Peninsula, in the exact spot where our family’s adventure first began. We’re still a family run business and remain true to Selwyn’s original passion on our journey to wonderfully tasty discoveries.

Our products range from crispy seaweed to cockles, and nothing leaves the door without the family seal of approval.

  • 1929

    Selwyn Jones was born in the small fishing village of Penclawdd in South Wales, where our factory is based to this day.1929

  • 1940

    Selwyn's first foray into the world of seafood. He left school to support his mother, gathering cockles and laver seaweed from the Gower estuary sands to cook and sell at Swansea Market.1940

  • 1945

    Selwyn and his mother were both badly injured by a US army vehicle and received compensation. Being a true entrepreneur, Selwyn put the money to good use and bought a van - one of the first in the village. Selwyn’s Seafoods was born!1945

  • 1948

    From then on Selwyn and his wife, Linda worked hard together to gather cockles and seaweed. Selwyn would drive around the Welsh valleys selling their cockles and laverbread. Never one to fade into the background, Selwyn would ring his bell to mark his arrival. Using his cheeky charm, his seafood became known as a stamp for quality and he became one of the most popular salesmen in Wales. The business grew from strength to strength. Selwyn’s Seafoods’ first factory was built on the exact spot where our factories stand today.

  • 1990

    Selwyn’s son, Brian and his wife, Alyson took over the family business and continued to grow the beloved brand across Wales and into Europe.1990

  • 2014

    Selwyn’s grandson Ashley and his wife Kate, began to run Selwyn’s with the same passion and flair as Selwyn did over a decade before. They built a new production facility and created an exciting new product – Selwyn’s Crispy Seaweed Snack.


  • Today

    Selwyn’s crew continue to produce cooked cockles, Laverbread and seaweed snacks of the highest quality. Supplying the very best fishmongers, restaurants, bars and retail outlets in the UK.

    Our most recent adventure has led us to the opening of Selwyn’s Seafood Shack, our factory visitor’s centre and shop. Here you will discover the finest seafood delights and artisan products.